Wow....They suck...and thats as nice as I can put it. They stole thier name from another band. Shame on them.
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you are a real guitarist when you are not ashamed about masturbating to musicians friend magazine.
the song hasnt loaded, but those lyrics remind me of 'girls just wanna have fun'.
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Uh-oh. People might mistake you for a homosexual if you buy a purple pedal.

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You own an Rg2570E and you live in Australia I to you sir!
hahaha thats funny. their parents probably set everything up for them :P
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She looks like an STD vending machine.
" Like many of their friends, this group of 11-year olds; Hunter, Tug and Matthew - had each studied music for several years and decided to get together as a group in 2005, and were soon practicing twice a week. "

If I came up with something like that on guitar after "several years" of studying my instrument i would feel like shit.
their top influence on their myspace is led zeppelin?! it obviously shows in their music.... i think i might buy their ringtone and a t-shirt