This is for the "composition thread" in muscian talk, but the guys over there won't be as harsh as you lot, so I brought it here .

Anyway, I just improvised a little lead over the top of a progression I recorded, nothing too great though. My high E is acting weird (had to borrow it off a guitar with year old strings) so some of the notes sound really off.

Leave your link and I'll give feedback on yours.

yeah, autopilot pretty much nailed it. work on keeping your tracks on time, just work with a metronome. the song did have a nice overall feel to it, pretty relaxing. maybe a little too much distortion on the lead, but there were some nice licks in there. nice job overall, good work.
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Mhm ^^^ what they said.

The backing track sounds like somthing for ballroom dancing With a gnarly lead over it, which was pretty well played.

http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=535143 crit that if you can
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Check it out
Something with the rhythm is wrong. I don't know whether it's the drums or either one of the guitars, but something is just not in time. I suggest recording with a click track next time.

Anyway, I liked your lead tone, but otherwise I thought the soloing was quite poor. You need to concentrate on the phrasing. Some of the licks sounded out of place, and in overall I think your playing was way too hectic for this kind of track. Lay back, have more rests and let the track breathe. Oh, and don't forget the vibrato.

You're on your way, keep playing.

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