Hey, i played one of these used in my local music store for $150 USD. Ive been searching the internet, and I cant seem to find it anywhere.

How much is this guitar worth new?

Is it a good accoustic?

It says Gibson on the headstock, Epiphone on the price tag. Will someone explain to me, is Epiphone a reliable name?

Any other info would be great

EDIT: Ive been playing guitar for about 2 years, and i want an accoustic that will last me, not one that i will need to replace when i get better in 6 months.
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Epiphone is a VERY reliable name. Epiphone is like cheap Gibson. In a good way. Not like Squier, which is shitty Fenders.

I searched on Google and all I got were foreign pages...

If you don't know already, Gibson is a great brand too.
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If you want an acoustic thats going to last you then you're not going to find it for $150. You're going to have to throw down at least double that for something like a yamaha with a solid top.
i have an epiphone PR-150 and I love it! the PR-150 is $130 at musiciansfriend.com or the starter pack is $150 both free shipping. Great guitar for a beginner, very low action with light guage strings. if you want one to last you try an epi solid top model though!
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