I'm am currently looking into installing a new pickup, I need a humbucker for the bridge position. The sound (or sounds) that I am looking for is what you hear Jimmy Page playing, especially the sound from 'tea for one'. I think that my best options would be either the Gibson '57 pickup or the Gibson Burstbucker.

So what I had in mind here was that people can review some pickups on this thread which could possibly help others in the same situation as myself.
well, jimmy page used a 59 or 58 les paul. most of the time. but also he used a 58 tele on earlier albums up to stairway to heaven in the studio. anyway though, those are the guitars probly youll want to put the pu in but anyway, he has signature pick ups out now you know? they have it on his sig. sg double neck. but anyway, probly the burstbucker i would go with. or if you can find them, some late 50's PAFs?
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Duncan 59 is a good PAF clone...cheaper than the Gibsons too.
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or if you can find them, some late 50's PAFs?

Do you know what those cost?
I'm not really a fan of Gibson pickups mostly because they are disgustingly overpriced.

There are plenty of PAF pickups made by other companies that will do what you want to do.

I'd suggest GFS Pickups or High Order Pickups.
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yeah, your (FacingUsAll's) suggestions seem nice and cheap, but they are only available online, I prefer to buy in stores.
What would you guys have to say about the Gibson 500T pickup for the bridge, I've heard that they're quite the screamers!