well our school is having a talent show thing and me an my friends want to do a song where me an the other guitar will both do solos an duels an some cool stuff but the thing is that most of the audience are rap listerbes an stuff...wats a good rock song thats also good for jamming that most of the audience will like?i was thihking som tenacious d songs...any suggestoins?
Green Onions - Booker T and the MGs
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Town called Malice, Eton Rifles, Start...the list goes on!

Just kiddin...

Freebird, Sympathy for the devil, Gloria
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Young Man Blues, written by Mose Allison, as played by The Who!
I <3 bangoodcharlotte

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Voodoo child (slight return) by Jimi Hendrix
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dude i had the same problem we played van halen -humans being
like a hurricane - the scorpions
voodoo child
guns n roses
it also depends on how good you are
if ur really good try
yngwie malmsteen,
do some dragonforce...if you cant pull it off, cocaine by eric clapton would be cool
play some children of bodom or some randy rhoads(ozzy)
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Any Hendrix or SRV really. They're great to jam to.
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oh and Boston- Peace of mind
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Sweet Child O' Mine- Guns N Roses

perfect song for more than one guitarist to show off with. id also consider November Rain. 3 brilliant solos to work with.
If the audience likes rap, try Crazy Train Remix - Ozzy Ft. Lil Jon, Trick Daddy and Twista
or Move B*tch Rock Remix - Sum 41 ft. Ludacris..

^^ Joking, those are real songs though. Sweet Child O' Mine always works.
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grateful dead- eyes of the world
gloria by the doors was a good one i saw someone post

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songs by the doors are great for jamming (especially LA woman) but im not sure if the audience will like it. If all esle fails just do a Guns n Roses song.
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson is a GREAT song to jam on.

Mmmm paranoid - sabbath is great
Louie Louie is pretty good. Really simple chord progression, but you can do a lot with it as far as soloing over it. You just have to find half-accurate lyrics though....
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a bunch of allman brothers songs if you like them. Or just do a blues song and improv. Hendrix style.
black dog intro-led zepplin
nib-black sabbath
hotter then hell-kiss



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Any song that has atleast 2 solos or more
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