I was listening to some songs earlier and on the solo's i came across this weird sound. It's some kind of effect but i can't work it out. It makes it sound all egyptian like...it's really weird but sounds pretty cool.

Here are the songs i was listening to;
Firewind - Allegiance
Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond The Sun

Anyone got any ideas?

The Phygian mode?

I dunno the tracks, but it might be some kind of sitar effect.
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Dunno about the Firewind track but yngwie doesnt use any effects other than his reverb and delay. The sound your talking about in far beyond the sun is his use of the harmonic minor.
I believe that song is in F# harmonic minor which goes: F# G# A B C# D F. The F is what gets that sound because its the sharp 7th in the minor key (from E in the natural minor.)
the effect on far beyond the sun is actually a keyboard

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if ure talking about like that oen part in trilogy suite thats a keyboard... that sounds a lot like a guitar
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