Hi i already have a schecter c1 classic which is good for rythm guitar, and an old fender squire with upgraded pickups. I need a new guitar for 1k to 1.5k usa dollars
that has good sustain, stays in tune and has some sort of wammy or tremolo system. Ive seen some guitars with tremolos that are not locked by the nut. At first i thought i should get the ibanez js but if there is a way to avoid locking the nut and being able to do joe satriani and van halen type bends without getting out of tune i would like to to that.
The Fender American deluxe fat strat looks pretty cool.
It has a single locking tremolo and a lsr roller nut whatever that is. Will this stay in tune?
Also, is the ibanez js able to pull the whammy bar up??
any suggestions on some guitars??
i heard they signature models arent really worth the money, but the guitar is supposed to be ok, juss a little on the expensive side.
When you're shelling out that kind of money your best bet is to just try out shedloads of guitars. The high-end JS's are good, but you are paying a bit for the name too and there are better value guitars around. Even within the Ibanez range you've got other options - RG and S prestige models for starters. The Fat Strat will have a quite different feel to the more modern models designed with shredding in mind but it's still a guitar - ultimately it boils down to getting something that suits YOU, as opposed to what we all think.
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