Here goes nothing...

My Addiction

It’s my addiction
You and your affliction
Our situation only continues to worsen
I am afflicted and I thought undetected
Now you all see through me
Seeing the blood, puss and infection

Your affliction
Your depression
Affection won’t penetrate your re-direction
You are affected
It sings songs about your dejection
It fades your complexion
Seeing the blood, puss and infection

My attraction
Your attention
Emotions are fleeting
My confidence
Quickly deflating

Continue on, as we must, ill fated
Always to be right…so overrated
Conversations not spoken…but debated
Trusting no more
Evening the score
We don’t even know what for
And yes it really is this ****ing complicated

My addiction your affliction
The blood and the puss and infection

Okay yall Please be gentle with me!
I got nothin to say so no one can hold nothin against me
lets see... you used waaaay too many words with the same alliteration as attention, affliction, affection... it seems like you are trying to convey a deeper meaning in this song that just in reality isnt there... and btw you don't have to rhyme every line with every line... also you repeat yourself a lot, while using seemingly exact phrases from earlier lines