hey.. well I need strings, and I know there are a lot of good brands, but I want to hear some opinions on what to buy, I play metal/death metal and the tunings I use are drop d and drop c (if that has to do with anything), what strings should I consider buying?
thanks :]
I assume you've got a schecter C-1 guitar of some sort, or an Omen.

I suggest D'addario strings, guage .11. Try them out. If they're too soft, go for .12
Thicker strings exert more tension. If you tune .09's down to D, they'll feel like rubber bands. Not good.
I use DR .10's, mostly. I've got D'addario .10's on right now, and I don't like them as much. But , hey, they're bloody, so I'll probably have to change them soon anyway, .

It's all personal preferance. Buy some packs from different brands. Every time you change your strings, switch to a different brand. You need to find out what kind of strings you like.
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id suggest elixir 10'' thats wut i use
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id suggest elixir 10'' thats wut i use

No good for tuning as low as C though - for drop D/occasional drop C 11's is as low as you'd want to go.
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