wow this probly sounds really lame . . . but i heard a song and i wana know the name . . . most of it was intrumentals . . . the riff was catchy it was like . . .
da da da da da da da da da da da du da . . . sorry best way i could put it lol

and it wasnt zz top ha
ummm.....did you just describe 10000 songs? lol seriously no ones going to get it with that discription
Quote by I Play Guitar!
sounds like Zeppelin to me. maybe either The Ocean or Trampled Underfoot.

I don't see how those songs are similiar to "da da da da da da da da da da da du da."
maybe you could video yourself humming it and post it on youtube then give us a link?
Most of it was instrumental? Do you recall any lyrics?
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Edgar Winter - Frankenstein, thats the first thing that came to my mind and it matches the number of 'da's'
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