The term you're looking for is "relicing."

When you "relic" a guitar, you make it look worn.
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And I wouldn't do it on any guitar that I didn't build or any guitar that I bought for more than $200.
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i think there are threads on this already, y'know- try using the search function.

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2 ways.

1) play the thing for hours a day for a long time.

2) for starters, get the guitar refinished with nitro (like the vintage guitars are) and then you can use a slew of techniques as far as getting it to look vintage. To sound vintage, get a set of vintage voiced pickups, such as Antiquity series pickups.
To get a vintage looking neck, refinish it and use tinted nitro, it should give a maple neck a darker, more vintage feel.

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buy one from a pawnshop that is covered in stickers. I bought an amazing MIA peavey falcon, whose stock pickups i acutally like better than a duncan that was installed (albeit in the wrong place :P) when I found it. Took them stickers off and WHAM: instant relic, with sexier grain than any strat I've ever seen.

some light soaking of the plastic parts in tea/coffee/soy sauce will brown them a bit, then rust the metal a tiny bit (not the parts that will need lubricating, just for cosmetics), then sand with VERY light grade sandpaper on the finish, more where your arms would be. there's also something you can spray on to yellow up a maple neck.

last, ding the paint at the bottom, horns, anyhwhere it might be dropped.
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dont do it because it ruins a perfectly good guitar for what just cosmetics?
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just play it for 30 years straight.
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i think reliced guitars look great but doing it on purpose or buying one like that seems stupid

get a guitar you love then play it your whole life and then be proud to have a true relic
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Ok sorry about this lungs dont wanna take over your thread or anything but about the soaking plastics in tea...will it give it that vintage cream look because i was thinking about getting new covers and knobs for my eric clapton strat that look like that.
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Right first of all, don't let sandpaper near the thing. It'll look fake and horrible.

throw key's, coins any small metal objects at it, put a cigarette out on it, spill a little bit of beer on it (only on the finish no crucial parts) maybe drop it once or twice, don't alter it so that its hard to play, though it would be best just keeping your guitar for years and years, you could speed that up by playing a little more violently, anyway, poly and nitro are finishes, poly is thicker, and nitro is thinner, used on older fender guitars and the higher classed ones (and the highway one series) these 'relic' easier and apparently let the woods vibrations ring better.