I was messing around and figured out how to do a pinch harmonic while slapping, and I was wondering is it actually a technique or am I innovative
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how do you do it?

The way I do it is I put my index finger on the string and as I slap I apply pressure to the string and then quickly pull my index finger off of it. I'm not sure if there is actually a correct way to do it.
i figured that out a while back, but i do it while popping instead. pop and mute with the right side of my palm and quickly take it away.
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i think the index on the right hand is generally how people do it, im not too big of a fan of pinch harmonics on a bass tho, i usually just go the 12 fret distance to get the note harmonic (i know thats technically pinch, but imo pinch is more of a gutiar thing where they scream and squeal)
billy sheehan does it on one of his tracks........i can't remember the name..but i have the cd some........dreams of discontent or something.....its distotred with slap harmonics like:

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