Will switching between standard and drop D tuning say...every couple of days...be harmful to the neck of my guitar or does the change need to be more drastic to cause damage such as Standard to Drop C? I will eventually get a better guitar to use just for standard and use my current one for Drop D, but that won't be for at least another 9 months or so....
It should be fine. The only thing that you'll need to worry about is going through strings faster, and maybe some tuning issues if you have a floating bridge.
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yea dude in the long run it will warp ur neck but for now it should be okay jus keep an eye on ur neck
Quote by kenshinsrain
yea dude in the long run it will warp ur neck but for now it should be okay jus keep an eye on ur neck

...man they got a truss rod in the neck for a reason...

I don't see a problem with it, as I constantly switch from time to time...
Seeing as I'm not in standard that often...I'm usually switching between drop D and drop C, and I really have no problem with it so far, if that helps.
When playing with my band i switch every few minutes and my neck seems fine.
thanks guys, appreciate the replies...So, I guess it should be ok. Its only the low E string that I'm changing so the tension should remain pretty consistent regardless. Worse comes to worse I will have a new guitar within a year anyway and if I screw up the neck on my current one (cheap Ibanez gio) I will just buy a new neck for it.
I switch to drop D, maybe leave it for a few days because I have 2 other guitars, then I change it back. I sometimes change it every 5 mins when im playing and my neck is fine. Yours should be fine.
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when playing daily i tune between standard, drop-d, drop c, and half step down COUNTLESS times. hasn't affected anything so far...