the very bassy, deep, muffled tone was impressive.(I've recent ly hear d the band queens of the stone age)
I'm looking for something different. Other pickups were rather too bright.

WIll this pickup work well on my EPI LP?? (mahogany body)

because I noticed that while this pickp was recommended on an alder body guitar, IT wasn't for mahogany for fusion(but was recommended for rock/classic).(tonewizard)

would the mahogany body bring out a more forceful bass tone or just muddy it???

also, how big does this pickup sound?? ofcourse I want it to sound a little huge... but maybe not too heavy and definitely nothing too sharp on the treble it hurts the ears.^^; and it will not to for alt rock.

and I love the warmth... but not too beefy or too much feedback just an adequate amount. (I liked the sh14 in these parts.)

if the sh14 isn't right for me, then what is a good pickup that they might sell in korea that fits what I said?(DUncan,voodoo,tom anderson(???),di marzio... but not much else)

there is this erally great brand of korean pickups called tesla but their pickups are all too bright-sounding for me as is the jb. also, I found the jb to be too sharp

I must admit, however, that in the queens~... recordings the guitar sounds were almost too bassy and rounded.

I play almost everyting from blues to metal but mostly ALTERNATIVE ROCK and POP(BOTH the SOFTer sub-gnres and the heavier ones.

and also i'm looking for a soft, mellow but pronounced and deep, not too bright neck pickp
I'm thining SH2jzz for this one.

I don't shred much though.

oh, and I'm planning to buy the MI tubezone. just so you know.

and I have a Laney LV100 with (thankflly) 12inch celestionspeakers.
but it is an entrylevel 300$amp with no tube but 65watts of output.
it is a bass heavy amp

so what shoudl be my pickup on my epi LP???
I have a custom 5 in an Epi LP and it sounds great - Duncans tend to have a bit more of an "open" sound compared to the likes of Dimarzio which lean more towards tighter, more focused tones. It's powerful but it's not what you'd class as a "distortion" pickup,and the Alniclo 5 isn't as harsh as a ceramic magnet. It's a good choice if you want something that doesn't swamp the signature LP characteristics but has a little more balls.
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