i was wondering what some good jazz orientated scales to learn and also some staple jazz riffs , licks and solo's.
I've decided I won't go into my usual rant about arpeggios being the best way to approach jazz. As for scales the modes of the Major Scale and Melodic Minor Scale (ascending) are usually good places to start. As for general tips, I would say find chord tones and STICK TO THEM at first atleast.

Ex: Say this was the chord progession you see on the lead sheet (ii-V-I)


Well in modal thinking you would generally play D Dorian, G Mixolydian, and C Ionian in order and that does work, but to make sure you don't just sporadically play random notes try this.

Lets look at the chord tones of each chord:
Dm7- D-F-A-C 1st b3rd 5th and b7th

G7- G-B-D-F 1st 3rd 5th and b7th

Cmaj7- C-E-G-B 1st 3rd 5th and 7th

Now when you want to improvise over this progession, I would suggest looking for some half step resolutions to connect your lines. So as you're playing over the Dm7 and thinking of those chord tones, when it comes time for the chord to change looks for where the half steps resolve, because those are the strongest resolutions. In the case of Dm7 to G7 you have a B to a C so try to use those two notes together in transition.

As for G7-Cmaj7 well look there is a C to B transition, so you can use that again.

*This is just the bare bottom of the beginning so, yes, take this to heart but don't stick to it completly because you always need to branch and try new things.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. As for good solos to learn, there are the solos on "So What" by Miles Davis that have staple jazz licks. Just remember to learn them by ear and not by tab, I repeat not...by...tab.

EDIT: Oh yeah the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN JAZZ IS TO LISTEN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND TRANSCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE SOLOS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. There are loads of things to learn in albums. As some guy I can't remember said "Everything you need to learn about jazz is in your living room"
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learn some modes. I've hear mixolydian is the most "jazz-ish"
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i see cheers, do you know any good sources to find the scales i know ug has the major scale modes but what about the others.

That should be a decent site for scales and such.
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You've got to learn some bit of notation if you want to survive in jazz, so you might aswell start learning.
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