Williams W Strato E-400 2007, anyone heard of that guitar? It's on sale for cheap, 99€ (250€ normal price) it's a full packet. i.e. I get all I need to be able to play it.

I don't know much about electric guitars, I tried to find some reviews on williams guitars but I only wound a few, which were of different models than the strato.

So if anyone would know about that brand, or some comments about the strato E-400 I'd be grateful, if you could share your knowledge.

I've been only playing for a while, acoustic guitar only, and I'd like to get an electric guitar, nothing fancy, just something to "play with". 99 bucks ain't much if it's even half decent(or is it). I can upgrade later to quality guitar if I decide electrics is what I want to play.

Any comment or opinion is welcome, thanks!