I bought myself a nice MXR Flanger a while back, and a few weeks ago it crapped out on me. I opened it up and found out a capacitor just exploded.

Here's a couple pictures to show you guys what went wrong...
(ignore all the brown crap, its just the foam deteriorating)

I've already taken this pedal into the shop to replace the footswitch when I first got it, but it took them a month to get it back to me. I can do this repair job on my own, with some help from my grandpa. (he's real handy with electronics)

My big question is, what is the specific name for this part and where would I be able to find one? I would like to be able to buy it online, but if anyone has any other way to get it please let me know.

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I'd imgaine it is the one that says USA7721H. google that.

smallbearelec or radioshack or mouser might have them. I would try mouser or smallbear, though. 'shack is a ripoff.
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radioshack or the source sells alot of transistors n all that stuff maybe you could find one there and replace it
I'm guessing this is an old pedal, right? "Sprague" brand caps are now quite costly if you're looking for the wrong thing - certain types are used for repairing/making new vintage amps to keep the vintage mojo. A cap that large is only going to be used for power filtering, so there's no need to replace it with something expensive to keep the mojo.
Just look at the body of the cap for the voltage rating and capacitance, you'll find a certain number of V, volts, and a certain number of F, farads, possibly with a prefix like m or u. All you need to do is find a cap with the same capacitance and at least the same voltage rating. You also need to make sure its a "polarised electrolytic" capacitor. Just solder it in place, making sure the side with the "-" all round is right. Should only cost a few cents.
i believe that it is a 400uf 25v polarized electroylitic capicator, but i may be wrong, does it have any other writing on it other than that?