I tried creating my own solos now that i have learnt some scales.. Pentatonic mainly.

My guitar teacher is able to make solos on the spot whenever i ask him to. He just plays it and all the notes are in harmony, no bad sounding parts. How does he do it? When i try to make solos by joining scales, it sounds horrible. Is there a method or do i have sto start and end each scale at a certain note?
He obviously knows alot of theory and more then just his penatonic scales. My guitar teacher I used to go to, he was in high school and he could do something like that.

EDIT: Just reread. You know more then just your penatonic, but still you need to know alot.
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Switching from scale to scale. Sliding into teh next scale makes it blend more. Thats the way I do it anyway.

Also to make you're solos harmonize. I don't know any other way but to practice. Thats what I did. I dedicated alot of my practice time to work on improvisation. Just sit there and make up licks.

remember solo's are built up of licks. Listen to Free Bird for example. A prime example of repeated licks. You have a teacher. Have you ever asked how he does it? Maybe you should. I never had a teacher. But I'm sure they'll help alot if you ask them too.
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What do you mean by joining scales? You can't just play random notes in a scale, it'll sound horrible that way. You'll have to be playing around with them trying to find licks and all.

For example: While playing in the pentatonic scale, you'll be playing in one box (just a easy example)

Now...on another box formation...


(Okay, this is my first time doing tabs...so it may be quite hard to understand >_>

Now you found those 2 box shapes in the A pentatonic minor scale...Start going up and down on the first box...

What you can do now is you can transition from the first box to the second box...ex:


That's basically how I started out. It's a bad explanation, sorry. But there are tons more lessons on this site, just look out for them.

edit: Also, I sometimes mix this scale with other scales; Ionian, Phyrgian, Lydian, etc.

Just keep practicing those scales and play em' with a backtrack and just try to figure out licks and see what works well with this and that and etc.

Good luck.
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