I'm Looking for Noisless pickups for my fender american strat.

What is the best type that I should look for and buy?
Right now im looking at fenders Hot Noiseless

But are there better ones? and if so what are they?
samarium nickel colbat ones are the best

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I have the vintage noiseless and they are great for a vintage vibe, although the 57/62 may be better for true vintage tone.
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ive got Samarium Cobalt Noiseless (SCN) pickups in my MIA. pretty nice. can still rip.

the vintage fenders are a little weak.

lace pickups are nice too. Hot gold, RED
SD makes really nice pickups from what ive heard online. not seymour duncan.

if u want Hot pups, sometimes noiseless isnt the way to go.
instead u might want to shield the guitar better and pick up some texas specials.
something like that.

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