i figured this can get some our favorite artists some attention

i can come up with 3 must listen recordings for you guys off the top of my head


^listen to "fallout" Its got a great feel and I havent heard anything similar to this guys style before, i think hes great. Its a very energetic song


^ listen to "outlaw" its got a great badass riff in it and awesome satch like soloing


^ listen to "Recuerdos de Otono" I think its one of the most beautiful nylon songs ive ever heard and its very sensitive and emotional


^ so dave weiner is a well known guitarist due to his part in the steve vai band, but do you guys know how any of HIS music sounds like? check it out, my favorites are Long Run and Shove the Sun Aside

check them out, set to be a big band this year, i saw and met them when they supported wednesday 13 last september. got their drum stick signed, gig ticket and their album.
its one of my favourite albums

they rock so much

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