hey i'm thinking of building a distortion pedal with tube(s) i'm wondering if someone can tell the all the basic parts of an average tube distortion pedal (i'm guessing it has to be an active) and the things to do to tweak with it to get heavier clearer crisper sounds. i really dont know much about this i just want to try it out. oh and btw i have Line 6 Spider II 210 with an Ibanez GSA 60 (idk if that mght help:/)
reply please! (just ask me if you want my email so its easier for us to talk)

thanks alot.
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i really dont know much about this i just want to try it out.

well theres your first problem!

pedals arent the easiest thing to do if you dont understand electronics. a tube dist. therefore is impossible if you dont know anything.

you can try searching google for wiring diagrams and schematics, but i doubt if you'll understand most of it.

my best advice is... buy a pedal - theres plenty to choose from!
I would particularly advise against a tube pedal. They have high voltages (250+Volts), sufficient to kill you should you screw anything up. Also, the high voltages lead to other problems, such as finding a 250volt power supply, etc.

If you want to try building your own, try from a place like www.buildyourownclone.com. They come in kits (nice kits I might add, I built a couple of them), it'd be a good place to get your feet wet.
This place has alot of schematics for pedals. some of them are ok and some of them arent. i havent used the website ^he suggested but i have used Small Bear Electronics and the pedals there are nice and he has complete instructions. id suggest first tryin sumtin simple like a fuzz pedal to get a little experience building a pedal. then you can try more complex pedals. most distortion pedals are pretty complex for a beginner.