I've been pondering on this thought for a while ... How can a couple of guys intent on making "interesting" heavy music, find a decent drummer with double bass capabilities and such like?

I've been thinking far too much on this lol, so how do you guys go about finding the elusive last member for a band? Drummers or otherwise. I need ideas before this drives me insane hehe.

you gotta do auditions...
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Its a bit hit and miss to be honest, just find out about a few drummers then audition them - if they're good on drums, intrested in metal but dont have a double bass on their kit then I'd still take them on, they can normally pick up enough cash to buy one later.

But yah, finding a good drummer is like finding a plectrum in a haystack
don't call it an audition, just have them come over and jam with you
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Cregs list, myspace, flyers, newspaper classifies (if you can afford it), you gotta ADVERTIZE MAN!

Hell, in my band, I am that elusive "last member" (whell I was untill our other guitarist left ) and I came to do an audition/jam thing because I saw a flyer on the bulletin board on safeway here.