I need some advice from the more advanced musicians. I've been playing an acoustic guitar fo about a year now ( self tought) and would like to lern to play the electric guitar too (I'd take lessons fo that)
Now the question is what guitar would be best fo a beginner? I'd like to play rock like Nickelback, Blur,Cranberys, Böse Onkelz, and try some other types of music (except heavy metall). So pretty mixed music.
BUT here's the problem, my budget isn't very big so I need something halfway cheap with decent quality.
Any advice?

I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out
How about an Epi? just test some and see how you like 'em. but stay away from Squiers and Behringers! They suck so much they make your ears bleed and youre fingers soare!
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Yamaha Pacificas & Tanglewoods are really nice starter guitars,

Avoid Squier at all cost.

Whats your actual budget?
It might be easier to find something in your range that way.
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I would say an Ibanez GIO. They play wicked smooth, the actions low as hell, and it has a humbucker and single coils (so you can experiment with blues, rock, jazz, etc.)

*There's a package out with it right now... The Ibanez GIO w./ a 15watt practice amp. The amp isn't bad, but then again, no 15watt SS amp really is.
epiphone or fender would be my top 2 for starters, but if u want cheap and okish try some staggs out
but do not get a squire strat, i got one n it sucks ass
the telecaster squire is good for its price though
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I've always thought that a Les Paul was the best transitional guitar. Try one out if you can. And not only Epiphone LPs, most brands have a copy of some sort. The neck will be especially easy to using after playing acoustic.
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Get an Epiphone Les Paul http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitar/navigation/epiphone-guitars-basses-accessories-electric-guitars?N=100001+304275+200990&page=1
Musician's Friend has a lot of nice Epiphones, good quality and they're moderately priced...

Also note stay away from other Squires and other shit brands: Lyon, Rouge... if its really cheep, your getting shit
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a epiphone is not expensive and it's awesome
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Well, my theory has always been, "Spend the money and buy it once." You know if you spend $400 on any guitar, you'll have something to upgrade to. If you buy what you want right now, you'll be happier in the long run. I play Gibson and Fender, and then playing an Epiphone or an Ibanez, I am assured by my choice. Not to knock Ibanez though, they are a fine brand, but the Fender or Gibson equivalent is superior to that. PRS I have been pleased with, along with Schecter and my Peavey bass is unstoppable. If you've liked Epi, hold off and buy a Gibson. You will notice an extreme difference.

Before you buy, play EVERY make of guitar yourself. Even if it's completely out of your price range, play it.

And if you're ambitious, build your own, like me
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86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
Thanks for the advice everybody
Next week there is an music exebition in the next city, where I can go and check the different types of guitar out.
I don't have a problem with buying a second hand guitar.
Althought I've got my eye on a Ibanez GIO-GSA-60 in Ebay for 100 € ( ca 130 US$ ) It looks fantastic and comes with a gigbag. And it is in my price range.
Very temting. Do you think the price is fair and is it any good for a beginner? Or is it for the more advanced guitarrists?

all those squier haters..
i got a squier strat and it's not that bad! especially for the 160 euros. Dont compare squiers to gibsons and fenders, off course they will be worse, but they will be 5 times cheaper
Wow I honestly dont remember posting that. Dang...
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
I play Fender and Gibson (pretty standard, what most play)

Start on a Epi or Ibanez, Play for like a year and get a Fender, thaen eventually a Gibson.
I started with a Squire and now have a MIM Strat too. There is a noticable difference between the two. The MIM just feels better.
Try to find an OLP MM1 before they go out of stock completely. They're the best guitar for $200 or less you could possibly find, in my opinion. Otherwise, try Agile, Ibanez, or possibly even Johnson. I have a Johnson Les Paul Copy I got used for $150, and it's 5 times better than the Epiphone LP's costing $500-600. I would stay away from Epiphone, but that's just my opinion. Unless you play only metal, I wouldn't completely avoid Squier, you might find a rare gem. Their Squier '51, and the Telecasters are supposed to be fairly nice. I have a Squier Strat that I still play as much as my $400-500 guitars.

If you want to spend $300-400, check out either an Ibanez AG75 semi-hollow electric for $330 or a Fender Strat Standard for $400. I have the Ibanez and I love it, and I hope to get the Fender soon. Both are great guitars.

Check out some of the guitars on www.Rondomusic.net most of them have gotten really good reviews, even the $100-130 SX guitars. They're definitely worth checking out, especially the Agile LP's if you looking for a Les Paul style. The Agiles are much better than Epiphone LP's, for the most part. I've never bought a guitar from RondoMusic, but I've bought 2 basses, which were both amazing. Plus, RondoMusic has excellent customer service and delivery. I ordered a bass on Wednesday night at 6:00pm, and it was at my front door at 4:30pm on Friday, in perfect shape, in the sealed box, with brand new strings and all the accessories.
I've got a squier and its great to start and it doesn't sound like you want to put a lot of distrotion on your amp and my squier gets very nice sounding cleans.
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hi, everybody, just wanted to say a quick thanks to everybody for the advice. i got myself a guitar last weekend, a Yamaha Pacifica and i've got a Fender amp for a good price, so I think I'm well set

Thanks again and have a good one :P