Is the wah on the new floor pod any good?

I fancy both a pod and a wah, however I think the standard cry baby sounds crap so if the pod wah is just as bad I'd rather put my money to a better wah.
yeah i would like to know too because i am going to get a multifx pedal soon but i can't decide which is better for the money? Zoom g2.1u or line 6 floor pod? Need advice...thanks in advance
i have the floor pod and it's amazing.....the only down side is the mid and compressor etc., which is hard to adjust as you must press teh save button or something...i dunno still didn't really get it i think, anyways as for the wah.....you can use it on any channel, so let's say your on 36, and you wanna use the wah, you press down hard on teh toe of the pedal and it activates the wah, so no matter wat your settings are it keeps them, just ads the wah, i personally don't find thers a big enough axis for the pedal, but it's still great
I've got a zom G2 & run it through my marshall DSL 401. The distortions aren't brilliant but the clean stuff sounds great, chorus, flange, phase, delay etc...

I'm happy with the Marshall distortion any way.
I got a line 6 pod, and i am looking for more sounds of wah, cause the ones that come with it arnt all that good imo, the highs give to much feedback unless madly compressed with a gate and compressor which will kill your tone and sustain, but i use the conducter setting with the line6 PODxtLive and im satisfied, and on the note of tones, i simple went out and got a premade i like and beefed it up with a custom EQ and changeing some other settings over all i say the pod is pretty nice
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