Just something I typed because I was bored. It's not supposed to rhyme, it's just a tale. If anyone has heard "The Battle Of Evermore", say the lyrics like Plant says them in that song.

Castle Town Square

Here’s a tale of town
A town shrouded in lies

Entered through the wooden gates
Walked across the bridge

People filled the Market Place
To buy, to sell, to live

And as I walked on down the street
I noticed something quaint

There was a man there being robbed
The robbers looked and stared

I turned to go, before I was
A victim just like him

*CHORUS* Ohhh castle town, not all is as it seems *CHORUS*

And as I hailed for the guards
I saw a body, dead

I left the street, quick as wind
Never to return


I made my way, through the market
Through the sea of public
I ‘proached the gates, the end in sight
When then I heard a shout

The guards had gone, and chased me down
Arrest without a doubt

Now I stand, in my cell
Waiting for the gallows


The day has come, I’m gonna hang
My life has just ran out

The rope tightened, around my neck
The air was running thin

As I struggled, gagged for breath
The townsfolk looked and laughed

Then I died.

It's pretty much about a town that seems perfect on the outside, but is the opposite on the inside.
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