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hey listen up there is a new group called rod y gab they are duet guitarists. they rule listen 2 them http://youtube.com/watch?v=G8dPso79Z9I
they're not new, they've been around for years. granted, i'm Irish, so i've probably been exposed to them for longer than the majority of people on here, but they aint new. Re-Foc was out in 03.
if anyone gets the chance to see them live, do, they're awesome live.
when i saw them they played Wish You Were Here, and the whole crowd sang the lyrics, and when they stopped playing, we kept on singing and finished the song

they also played the intros to Battery and a couple of other songs, and THE riff from One. on classical guitars, muahahaha
does anyone know where to get tabs for their songs? not the ones that are on UG but other ones.
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