like the title says i want to learn how to create basslines effectively, i know some theory about scales and modes but wanted to know how to put together major,minor and blues scale degrees,chords etc into a bassline. THX
I find it's a good idea to get some common guitar chord progressions and just jam to them. if you know your theory already it should be easy.

Do you mean how do you formulate an actual basslines? ie how to turn scales in lines?
Whell how I do it is from experience. One day I just started writing Basslines, and I have yet to stop. Learn to feel parts in music. Such as building and releasing tention. Mood shifts, dynamics, and expresion through sound.
--> formulating bass lines, i meant taking theory and turning it into something on the fretboard. for example taking chords and turning it into 1 note of that chord to fit with another chord or another note of that same chord