Anybody listen to this band? I wouldn't say they are unknown but I rarely meet anybody who knows who they are. Hard to describe really they aren't like any other band I know of. Its a hazy mix of jazzy downtempo rock. The lead vocalist has a dreamy voice and everything he says makes little to no sense to me, but sounds profound and important somehow. Perfect driving music on a sunny day. If you've never heard them before, I reccomend the album Oui, or if you want songs:

Afternoon Speaker
You Beautiful Bastard
Four Corners
The only song iv'e heard is Four Corners and i loved it. Everything you said about them is true, especially the driving sunny day part, i couldn't agree more. Basically i would love them if i could get more of their music.
The Sea & Cake are great, but it's been quite some time since I last listened to them.
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I have them around my library. They're a good band, but I never got into listening to them a lot.
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Do they have a cd called "Oui"?

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... I reccomend the album Oui...

FYI, they got a new album out called Everyday (well, not released yet). I managed to snag an advanced copy and its GREAT. A little bit more straightforward rock but not by much, still classic S&C. Check it out.
it's not the singer from built to spill. I like their first three albums the most actually.. s/t, the biz and nassau..

you can dl some of them on this page.. scroll down.

anyone listen to the earlier band with Sam Prekop, Shrimpboat? A bit more bluegrassy. I think one or two of their albums just got rereleased.

I've heard a few songs. It's alright music. Not sure I'd buy any of the band's albums though.