How do you do volume swells? is ther a pedal? or what?

thanks in advance.
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you can use the volume knob on your guitar?
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you hit a note and rotate the volume know on your guitar up and down and up and down etc and it will do volume swells. or you can do it once, fading a note out or bringing it louder =D
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Listen to Estranged by Guns N' Roses, Slash does his volume swells with the knob on his guitar, it is easy to do with a bit of pratice
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You can use a volume pedal to do it. I think theres also some pedals with an 'auto volume swell' effect which automatically reduces the attack of each note you play. I may be wrong about that one though.
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Ernie ball volume pedal

It makes it easier to swell when your full-on playing. Adam jones of tool uses one, prevelant in songs like "No Quarter" and "Forty-six and 2"