Do you have any keepsakes or family heirlooms that you keep with you? Something that means a lot to you?

I have my dead uncle's wedding ring that I wear around my neck all the time. And I have my grandfather's dogtags from the Korean War.

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grandfathers double barrel 12.
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i have my unwashed great great grandfathers pants he wore in the war, im wearing them now.
Not really, but i have a dragon necklace that i got on a trip to Waco, TX back in 8th grade and that i added a red stone in the eye socket. Used to wear it all the time till the loop where the string would hold it broke off...i managed to find a way to wrap a string around it and wear it again all the time.

Doesn't mean THAT much to me other than a memory of those good old days.

EDIT: my mom told me she has a gold cross that belonged to my dad before they separated and said i can keep it....but she hasn't been able to find it in all these years.
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Yeah Ive got a photo of me an my grandad. He is still alive but he lives in France. I keep the picture cos he is the one that taught me most of what i believe in....Including how to play the guitar :P