I'm trying to download a video and it says "(Warning: You must change the file extension to .flv). To open the file use FLV Player. If you want to convert the video to another format (avi, wmv, mpg...) consult our Help section (in the main page)."

I couldn't find anything in the Help section, so could anyone here tell me how to change the file extension? Thanks!
That just means when you've downloaded the file for example if it was download.exe you would rename it to download.flv, if you want to convert the videos to mpeg or something to play in windows media player i suggest googleing "total video converter".

Edit: i just remembered it downloads them as "get_video" i think so you have to rename it to "get_video.flv"
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Can't you use a program that runs .flv files like VLC video player?
when you right click the download link button and click save link as, the file name will come up as something. All you have to do is add ".flv" to the end of the name or change it to ".flv" if it is something else. And make sure to get FLV Player.
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