I was wondering if it would be legal to put a cover song in one of my games in which I intend to distribute, but not for a profit?
well just credit it to the author like say it's Aces High Cover - just say something like words and music by iron maiden, performed by you or something like that
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I doubt there should be any problems if it's non-profit. Remember to write down the respective copyrigths and who the song belongs to and year.
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as long as its not for profit I don't think it should be a problem, and it's a cover so it isnt nessecarily copyrighted.
i have a question about this same subject myself... can u do a cover on a live CD and not pay the artist anything.... (i'm pretty sure u cant, but felt like checking)
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Just make sure you include the credits to the band (and maybe even the band members depending which band you're covering) and you should be able to do it.
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you have to pay royalties to the songwriter, im not sure how that works in not for profit situations though, but if you did a live CD or something you would definately have to pay royalties
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Hmmm, I will probably email the bands talent manager asking them if it is ok, and they give me the green light then I guess its cool.
My old band did a cover of the Levellers - One Way and released it on a CD. We made sure to contact the Levellers first though, they said it was fine as long as we credited them and didnt look to make money from having that song on the CD
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i'd ask permission just to make sure it's cool with them, but in all honesty, they aren't gonna sue you or anything for using it, unless you make enough money from it that they think they should deserve a share. just credit them for writing the song and i doubt they'll care.
I wouldn't worry about it unless its a Metallica song.
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I wouldn't worry about it unless its a Metallica song.

Or A Gn'R Song