I have noticed a problem(?)

Alright so I bought a V847 from an online store not too long ago, and was highly satisfied. However I have noticed something.

At band practices I use a 10watt SS amp which I crank right up to the point where it'll be feeding back loudly and nastily if I take my hands of the strings for I don't know? about 5 seconds ish?

Now, when I use my V847 with it at this kinda volume, when I push it all the way forward after playing something thats more than one string, I get a horrible feedbacky squeal.

Is this to do with the increased treble at a point thats close to total feedback? (meaning it would be normal)

Is my pedal faulty (please no )

Oh yea and I was using a wireless today if it makes any difference, but i'm pretty sure it was happening without the wireless.

That's what happens with probably all wahs when it's right forward, don't worry.
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Try cutting your mids, it worked for me and allows you to use the wah as a filter at every point in the sweep range