i need some help with this.

i need the names of any albums on this list that do not already have the titles, and i need to know of a place that i can get all of them off of the internet
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The morning will come
In the press of every kiss
With your head upon my chest

Where I will annoy you
With every waking breath
Until you, decide to wake up
You need to get any names on any of the albums on the list?

EDIT: Ah I see. Sorry, I thought you merely listed the albums there. I mean a lot of those titles have come from albums with the same name. For example, Ozzy Osbourne had albums called, Blizzard of Ozz and No rest for the wicked.

By the way, use Wikipedia
¤´¨留話 請留話 請在我說完後
¸.•´¸.•´¨¸.•¤¨哭泣我不在這裡 我不在那裡請在嗶一聲之後留
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´(´¸.•¤´`¤下自己的秘密請在嗶一聲之後對話筒沾自喜請在嗶一聲之後對空氣唉聲嘆氣

我不在這裡 我人在哪裡 我想到哪裡¤




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Hole album is "Live Through This."
Maiden album is "Piece of Mind."
I think the Danzig one is self-titled.

I can't really read the rest.

Amazon would be key in finding the album names, seeing as you know the artists already.
the godsmack is either serenity or IV i think.
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all of those are really mainstream and you can get them from amazon, and i think youve already gotten help with the album titles, if not look up the songs on wikipedia.
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