Hi, I need a bit of advice. I'm planning on getting a new guitar soon, and i've found two that I like. I usually play metal, things like Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc, and sometimes Opeth, and i've also started to try some Joe Satriani type instrumental stuff as well.

Anyway, I was browsing through the "Ultimate Guitar Info" sticky thread and it mentioned the Ibanez S-470 as a good high gain guitar between £200-400, which is going to be my budget. I've looked around on the internet and I can get the S-470 for £327 here. The only problem I have with this guitar is that no local music shops have one, so I can't try it out for myself.

The other guitar i've looked at is the Ibanez RGT42DX. I went to a local shop where i know the people working there, and asked a guy did they have the S-470. He said they didn't, but he could show me a few alternatives (same body wood, neck etc). He got the RGT42DX, set the action a bit and let me experiment a bit. I wasn't feeling too confident about it, since I've read the "Guitar Info" sticky and it says don't go for a guitar with an Edge Pro II tremelo, but the guy told me he's played around with it a fair bit and reckons the Edge Pro II isn't too bad. I trust his opinion, but I aso trust UG's opinion, so I'm not too sure about it. I've looked around again and i can get the RGT42DX for £398 here, which seems a little expensive compared to the S-470, and especially if the tremelo is better on the S-470. The pickups aren't a problem as both guitars have Ibanez INF1 (neck) and 2 (bridge), but the S-470 also has an INFS1 (single coil) in the middle.

Apologies for the long post, but i'm trying to be as thorough as possible. I'm thinking of going for the S-470 as it seems better value with better components (better trem, extra single coil pickup), but I can't test it myself since no local shops have one. Can anyone give me some advice on what to go for, with your own knowledge and experience of playing similar guitars?

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the s-470 is a far superior guitar in all ways.
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the s-470 is a far superior guitar in all ways.

I'm glad you responded but can you justify that? Have you played the S-470, and can you give me a few reasons why it's better playability-wise?
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Dude, you just made the most intelligent post in this entire thread. Congrats.
just the bridge dude, many people have reported that the ZR bridge is far smoother and responsive then the Edge Pro II also that the knife edges cant fail on the ZR since it doesnt have any!
Edge Pro II isn't too bad as long as you just play around with it. If you plan to use the bridge regularly, then it definitely has a very tangible expiration period. Few months of intense use, and issues appear. Sooner for some, later for others.

The bridge in the S470 is not only longer lasting (due to the lack of knife edges, materials are still not grade A), but it's also easy to maintain - intonation tool is at hand, Zero Point System makes for easier drop tuning compensation. Some info on the 470 in my sig link.

You didn't mention if you need the Floyd for certain, and if you don't, try RGT42DXFX - it has a fixed bridge, but otherwise is similar to the EPII-equipped one. That one is actually a pretty nice guitar.
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Thanks for the replies, especially pifty with that S-470 link. I probably will be using the bridge regularly, so if the ZR is better than the EPII then the S-470 is seeming like a really good deal (i.e. better for less). I'll get the S-470 then.

Thanks again
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Dude, you just made the most intelligent post in this entire thread. Congrats.