Hey guys, basically i have been playing guitar for about a year n a half and loving it! lol, bt thers a few things i dnt get wen reading up on the internet about guitars and amps etc, was wondering if any 1 culd help me and tell me wot they mean and do pls? sum things i dnt get r

single coil

and as for amps ive got a line 6 spider II 15 watt amp and a boss ME-50 pedal, but it doesnt sound right, was wondering if thers any decent amps out ther tht will sound gd quality, i dnt think the amp works well with my pedal cos it alrdy has digital effects with it?

anyway any advice and help wuld be much appreciated, cheers!!
In laments terms...

Pickups are magnets that capture the strings vibration and sends the signal to your pedals which go to your amp which then goes to the speakers which then goes to your ears, verdad?

Humbuckers and single-coils are types of pickups. I won't go into deep detail because I know for sure I'll end up getting flamed for giving wrong information, so be it!

Stop tail is basically the bridge of the guitar ex. http://www.driskillguitars.com/Stop%20Tail.htm

I can't really expalin what they are, but the total opposite of a stop tail is a floating bridge. Those are basically used with vibratos, trembs, bigsby's, etc.

And yeah, any effects won't work well with an amp that already works effects, such as your spider.

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pickups are the things that are under the strings near your picking hande. Depending on your pickups, they will either look like a pieve of plastic with 6 little metal circles on them (single coil pickups) or a piece of metal (humbucker pickups) sometimes humbuckers might look like 2 single coils right next to each other. Single coils have a real bright tone to them, and humbuckers have a fatter, more mellow sound. Not sure about the stop-tail though.
the pickups are what actually "pickup" the sound from your guitar. Magnetic pups make a magnetic field, and the metal strings pass thru this field. When they vibrate, it changes the lines of flux in the field and generates an electrical impulse that's sent to your amp or fx pedals.

There are 2 kinds of pickups, single coil and humbuckers. Single coils are the kind of pickups you find in traditional stratocasters for example. Humbuckers are 2 single coils with magnets of opposite polarity, and housed right next to eachother in the same assembly, very easy to distinguish just by looking at them usually. The 2 opposite polarity coils create a noise cancelling effect to get rid of the hum, and thus the term "hum bucker". If you've played single coil pickups, they pickup a lot more interference than humbuckers.

Stop tail usually just means it doesn't have a tremolo, but rather some chunk of metal at the bridge. String thru connects the strings at the back, and passes them thru the body to the front
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ha.........whats you price range for an amp? and it does make a diff what your gat is too u no
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cool, thx for the info guys as for a price range for an amp im willing to spend between 100-300pounds (UK Sterling) ive got a fender 24fret guitar if tht helps lol, its pretty decent