I was just thinking how bad i am at improv. I've layed guitar since i as 4 years old, and now im 15. Anyhting i can learn to be better at improv?
Don't just play the box scales you've been taught. When you learn a scale, learn where ALL of the notes are on the fretboard. Play with it. Then try over chord progressions with a friend.
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Learn scales, the modes, licks, practise to jam tracks.

Improv is about feeling. Best thing to do is just close your eyes and play.
Okay it isn't really, but feeling makes it sound good. Because (for me) I play better guitar when I just let loose and play the way the music makes me feel. Ofcourse it may not be the best first time, gotta g et used to the changes in the song. But it'll come.
I mean you could play the fastest and slowest stuff, unless it fits (or contrasts so much that it fits) the mood of the song, then itll be shit.

--- BTW

If you've been learning since you were 4, then you should probably know a lot of stuff by now. Or understand it a bit.
Like arpeggios. Learn tapping, sweeping and just in general, arpeggios, different inversions over the neck. Because thatll help find the notes in a chord. Putting a shape to things helps it stick in your mind a lot quicker, that's why im saying learn tapping and sweeping arpeggios too. Don't have to be Jason Becker, but if you know the positions it will help.
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