Poll: Should I get the SH-10@bridge or SH-5@bridge?
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View poll results: Should I get the SH-10@bridge or SH-5@bridge?
SH-10 at Bridge
1 50%
SH-5 at Bridge
1 50%
Voters: 2.
Ok, I am going to change my pickups on my Epi LP Standard. I'm trying to decide between a SH-10 at the bridge and a SH-1 at the neck or a SH-5 at the bridge and SH-1 at the neck. Though iv'e heard the SH-5 lacks low end definition. Opinions would be helpful.
Pearly Gates pair if you're into the Southern vibe a la ZZ top, Custom 5/59 set if you want a good, ballsy, raunchy rock tone from the bridge...that's what I'd do. Or a Custom 5/PG set which is what I put in mine
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