what do you think is the best solo ever? doesnt matter what genre. my personal favorite is the second solo in comfortably numb by pink floyd.
pink floyd's comfortably numb or Pearl jam's Alive solo
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I can see the disputes now....

'how can you judge the best solo, many are good, but in different ways'
'personally, i'm not a fan of solos'
'we've already had loads of these posts, you should search before posting'
'slash pwns'
'not any metallica solo, kirk hammett sucks'
OMG!!! They're playing One!!!!!11fade to black11one11

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lol doesnt matter, its all opinion. i just wana know peoples opinions
Comfortably Numb is very VERY cool, because i have never heard David Gilmore play a wrong solo, that shit always fits the song perfectly, but, my second is Cemetary Gates.
"Sleep Now in the Fire" for more of HOW the solo is played rather then how it sounds. Morello is a ****in god
STEVE VAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is a god and the coolest thing i have ever seen is him do 'for the love of god' live on the G3 dvd with satch n eric johnson. its either that or the whole of 'surfing with the alien' cos that is an awesome track.
I love the solo to Take it on the Run - REO Speedwagon. Also Come Clarity - In Flames...most things Aeolian.
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i dont see whats so great about comfortably numbs solo really....i mean its good....but like....not mindblowing really.........i remember the first time i heard eruption i thought it was like..completely out of this world.....but ya i was 10.........umm im not sure...i think metallica and acdc have some of the best riffs ever but im not sure on solo maybe sweet child of mine....
"Hotel California," the studio version from the album, Hotel California. I bow to Joe Walsh.
"The Sky is Crying," George Thorogood and The Delaware Destroyers, the live version from 30 Years Of Rock - Greatest Hits
"Ram It Down" Judas Priest, Glenn Tipton is amazing, start to drool listening to his solos.