Although I am not a big fan of Satan, I do like your music, even if it does sound the same as every other death metal band. Pretty cool though!

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well i dont realy like that kind of music but your sounded pretty good, i cant realy crit much on it...
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You guys seem really technically accomplished. Guitar is ace, as is drums at certain points. Singing is fairly good, but could be much better on this track - you don't seem to have quite mastered death grunting, tho you are pretty close to it. Also, the shitty recording quality really adds to the hardcoreness. Don't get a better mic, whatever you do. That would suck.

I actually liked this. I figured it would be some grindcore shit but it was good. If you feel like critting mine back - http://myspace.com/fallmtl.
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You guys sounded totally awesome! Your guitarist kicks @$$, and you guys sounded great. I'm not usually a big fan of death metal, but thatt song was awesome! You guys should find a studio and start recording as soon as you get this.
im the natural enemy of death metal, but that was actually pretty good
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