has anyone had a successful relationship only seeing each other on weekends? like if you go to different schools/college/whatevers?
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yeah it works great, that way you can have like multiple people on the side.
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Errrrrrrrrrrrr. Yes they can.

If you think thats hard try long distance, seeing someone once every few months or a month if your very lucky.
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I doubt it, you'd have to see each other at least SOME time during the week wouldn't you?

Quite the philosopher eh? onli jokin.

Nah, there'd be more temptation to cheat.

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The only reason it exists is because drugs get people fucked up, and people love getting fucked up.

It's great, if you're either sure that she won't fuck around on you....


.... You're content with her fucking around on you.
I got with my gf my senior year in highschool, she was with me through basic training and AIT, some visitations here and there, i went to college when i got back and saw her on weekends and any breaks i got, she visited some, i am deployed right now and we are still together, communicating by phone and internet. we have been together for going on 39 months, no breakups or cheating on each other, still in love. so yes, it's possible depending on how serious you guys are with each other.
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thats what i was doing. till he called me last night at 2 in the morning and his friends abused the **** out of me coz they were drunk.

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welll i go to school with my girlfriend....but our school is split up into two teams and shes on the other on.....and for lunch and whatever i dont like most of her friends that shes ALWAYS with so we usually dont talk much in school......so we usually only do stuff on weekends...besides talking on the phone or w/e after school... and it definitely works....

and if your having sex....that can either be a thing to keep you together........or it opens up the possibilty of her having sex with more than just you.
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i think they can. make sure u see each other atleast once a weekend tho. i had a long distance relationship for 6 months, seeing each other like 3 days out of a month

It's gay, I wouldn't recommend it to even the happiest person - it can really **** you up.
I never have a relationship with someone in the same schoo, it's just too weird being around them all the time. So any boyfriends I have I usually only see once a week, which is fine for me. Most of the time not fine for them though =/
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