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14 45%
8 26%
i only pop the good stuff son, none of that over the counter garbage
9 29%
Voters: 31.
when you have a headache or various other problems and you need something to sooth it what pill do you pop?
advil. It's less taxing on your kidneys.
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I have to take tylenol when I get an erection because it always takes so much blood away from my brain.
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but seriously, to this guy:

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Neither, I don't like taking painkillers. It's not natural to numb yourself out like that.
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Birth control, solves so many problems, and ensures that headaches will be much less likely in the future.
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advil. It's less taxing on your kidneys.

Tylenol is almost completely hepatically processed, which literally means the liver metabolizes most of the acetaminophen.

that said...i use Tylenol for most headaches, but i keep a bottle of generic ibuprofen ("Advil") for hangovers because Tylenol+alcohol=possible serious liver damage. ibuprofen is still processed by the liver, but not to the same degree as Tylenol, which makes it the better hangover alternative. granted, i'm sure it still can't be very healthy to take any kind of pain killer soon after/before the alcohol in your system is completely processed.
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Cures everything.
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Cures everything.

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when you have a headache or various other problems and you need something to sooth it what pill do you pop?

a few too many guinesses last night?
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Tylenol doesn't do a thing for me. Now Codine is a different story. If ya ever need to sleep just fire a couple of those into your system and you'll sleep like a baby all night. Sleeping pills work too.