been playing about 2 years and i've noticed that when I pick fast licks its like I have to pick really hard and it slows me down, and when i do arpeggios its like a jam and it kills my speed any videos or articles that will tell me the correct way to pick?
It's all about being comfortable when you're picking. I can't pick fast because I don't like it, but I can strum like a madman and some people can't. Just practice is all there is to it, honest!
Dont pick as hard as you do and if you cant hear the notes well turn up the volume on your amp (assuming you have an electric guitar).
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i recommend keep your right hand fingers tucked in , knuckles straight place the pick on top of the index finger and the thumb on top , by keep your fingers tucked in , your index finger gets support which allows it to pick faster , and more fluid