Im not quite sure what kinda metal you would classify this but its got an old school sabbath meets Megadeth fell kinda. Im not sure about the solo so any advise with that would help alot

C4C as always
The Return.zip
I thought it was cool, but i didnt really like the 1st solo. That was the only part that really stood out to me. It didnt really seem to have any structure. the notes clashed a lot, and it was sort of a bunch of random notes. The second solo was a lot better, but maybe add some more memorable rhythms in there...that can really make a solo stand out. The riffs were cool, but maybe add a bit of variatiuon.

Id say 7/10 for now
I like the riffs you have, they all flow well into each other with some nice variation in them. As the guy above me said the first solo doesnt seem to fit too well with the rhythm under it-although if i was you i wouldnt make as many alterations to the solo as the rhythm. Second solo went well though, maybe throw in a faster bit and you'll be sorted.

i'll give it a 7.5/10

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hmm.. it was alright. The rhythm was well thought out and sounded pretty good. The main thing was the solo. The first one especially. There was definitely alot of clashing notes. You gotta make sure your in the right key when writing. The 2nd solo was a little better, but get away from that pentatonic scale, its reallly boring. If your going to use it, at least thrown in some speed variations. Triplets are your friends.
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Nice song.
It would be better if you'd add some harmonies and a faster solo.
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Cheers for the crit

I really liked it!! Really heavy, really Megadeath! Work on the solos though Riffs were awesome too! Add some drums and bass and it'll kick ass!
I think the solos could definetly use touching up. The aforementioned out of key notes need sorting but the main problem is the feel of them. They could use some faster licks and more variation. They just seem to be mainly made up of eighth notes and that doesn't really help them stand out from the rest of the song.

Other than I think it's a damn good song. You could maybe have the guitars do different things from each other and harmonize a bit to add some colour but it's not really that big a deal.

Thanks for the crit btw.