Ive been reading some of the other St Patricks day threads and i was just wondering.

*not to sound like a bastard or anything but*

i thought St Patricks day was an irish holiday not a worldwide holiday.

You dont really see people celebrating St Georges day or anything?

So what makes this day so special for everyone else?
We don't have that here...

But me and my mates celebrate it anyway, much to the confusion of everyone around us.
yeah i thought it a bit strange when i saw a picture of people celbrating it in South Korea.

I dunno why it became a big deal...(probably because it is a good excuse to get wasted).....take it as a compliment because it shows how awesome Ireland is.
lol fair play like.

I didn't drink today because i was seriously wasted last night so i was really hungover today.
i agree it's an excuse for people everywhere to get completely shitfaced
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But Ireland enslaved Saint Patrick so why is he their saint....
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I find it funny how everyone absolutely loves Ireland jsut for this very day. I in fact am Irish, so I don't feel dumb celebrating it. Others looks rather silly though, trying to sing Irish songs in the bars. Oh well, it's a fun day )
Why do Americans feel the need to come to Ireland on this day and walk around trying but failing to be Irish?

And you know what sucks? There are schools in England getting days off for St Patricks day and my school, which is about 100 feet from his tomb, doesnt get any days off
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powerslave756 speaks the truth.

powerslave, thought his grave was in downpatrick (think saw a sign to it once when was up there)

people celebrate st paddys day cause they want to be irish and its an excuse to get drunk

tbh i celebrate it less than most of the world and i can get drunk anytime. thats the joy of being from n.ireland 10 pubs in a town which has about 1000 people at most
because everyone loves the Irish.......and its the best piss up of the year!
We were discussing that today.. there were far more tourists (mostly Italians ) in Dublin today than there were Irish people..
It's weird..

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Most Americans (and others around the world) see St. Paddy's Day as licence to:

Spend green (money)

Drink green (beer)

Puke green (puke)

I myself find the whole dyed beer thing a little insulting and gimmicky. Other than that, who cares? It just means Ireland is cool.
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Well, there was the whole load of Irish immigrants when America was younger...
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so they can get drunk...
christmas is a christian holiday but is celebrated by alot of people who have never picke dup a bible in their life. including me, the only agnostic kid in the family...
as you can imagine table talk can get quite awqward...
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A few of my great grandparents were from Ireland. I celebrate as a tribute to them........

....actually that's bullshit; I never even met any of my great grandparents and I certainly wouldn't consider myself Irish.

The real reasons:
1. To get drunk and have a solid excuse
2. To promote a drinking holiday
3. To dress your dog up as a lepricon...while drunk...
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Dear god.
St. Patrick is the person who converted the people of Ireland into Catholics, among other things. The good people in Ireland don't drink on this day, in fact, it's a church day.
In that case, where/ who starting the drinking thing?

ok 4. "to promote a certain stereotype reguarding the Irish"

My German ancesters were bigger drinkers than my Irish BTW...
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I've only known one man to use such a gun, and I believe I've killed him two times
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But Ireland enslaved Saint Patrick so why is he their saint....

St. Patrick was enslaved by the Irish, true, but he was later freed. Then, he began to spread Catholicism throughout Ireland. Thus, he sealed his place in history as one of Ireland's more influencial figures.

On topic: I'm staying with my grandma in a town with lots of Irish heritage, just beginning its Spring Break on a weekend while having lovely weather for the first time in months. This place went ALL OUT!

'Twas a massive celebration with all sorts of activity in the streets of the business district, followed by a decent-sized parade attended by the green-clad (and probably inebriated) masses.

A good chunk of my ancestry is Irish, so I don't feel like a total jerk when I get excited about St. Patrick's Day. And I've finally got an excuse to wear my shamrock sunglasses!