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What's the first few songs you learned when you first starte dplayin? I don't mean like Twinkle Twinkjle little star out of a book, like real songs. For me it was Smoke on the Wate,r Ironman, and Wheel in the Sky by Journey.

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Mine was Fell in Love With a Girl by the White Stripes. Very simple and easy.
But twinkle twinkle is a real song. =(
Wel I never really learnt a full song until after about 6 months of playing, which was crazy train.
First thing I learnt to play was the Pink Floyd another brick in the wall solo.
every one says smoke on the water.. but no-one i see ever plays it right.. or can get past the first riff lol.. mine was Basket Case- Green Day.. shocking lol.. some of there old stuff was ok but now.. it sucks..
Not meaning to be a sterotypical 'use the search button' idiot but..

This has been done.
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If the Pink Panther theme counts, that'd be my first.

If not, then Smoke On The Water.
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Like a million other people mine was Dammit by Blink 182
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This is Now - Hatebreed

I just liked the riff, don't care for the band.
smells like teen spirit
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The first thing my teacher gave to me after learning barre chords were the tabs to Sweet Child O' Mine. He told me to practice the chords. (this was actually last week, heh)
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Mine was dammit by blink 182.

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Holiday by Green Day, about a year before i actually got my own guitar
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mine was Come As You Are
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First song I learned all the way through was Neil Zaza - I'm Alright (JerryC's simplified version).
i think my first song was back and black and first all the way through was highway to hell
Stairway To Heaven.

No lie. I locked myself in my room til I could play it.
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I learned The Oompa Loompa theme
I also learned Iron Man and TNT. That's all I can remember.

Oh yeah,I've always been wanting to ask this question.The song TNT is from what band?
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the intro to One.. metallica.......
real song was Sweet Child Of Mine... ( i couldnt and still cant play the solo )
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I havnt been learning to long, only since end of august but first song i really properly learnt was no more lies by iron maiden
Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Technically, it was Ode to Joy. But that doesn't really count, because it doesn't sound as cool as Somewhere Over The Rainbow. =P
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First song front to back was Beethovan's 5th on guitar by one of the shredders (Vai/Malmsteen) but it was SUPER easy which is why i was surprised it was whoever it was when i found out who made it, but can't remember who it was right now lol
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