Ok so, me and my buddy (syngates7X as he's refferred to on this site) have a "band". Now when i say band i mean, well, two guitarists. Thats (hopefully) where you guys come in. A drummer and Bassist would complete our quartet of metal godliness. I (Cody) would play rhythym guitar and Syngates7X (Zach) would handle the leads. Metal is our game folks. All kinds too. We've got COB, Metallica (old), All That Remains (metalcore but w/e), and many others. Suggestions from other band members would also add to the list of things we'd play. While covers would take up some of our time at the start, writing songs is a priority. So please, if you are a serious musician with their own equipment in the Albany/Schenectady New York area please let us know. We would also like to hear what you sound like before you join so arrangements for auditions would need to be made. Thanks

P.S. Zach is workin on his vocals for screaming but if you can already do it thats a bonus. Having said that however it really depends on how fast he can get his voice up to par so the necessity for an outside singer/screamer is subject to change.
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I live about a half hour away, I play bass in a band you can check out in my sig. PM me for more info.
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