Hey everyone, I have a problem with my friends guitar - I believe It's a "Brownsville IV400". Well, he told me that recently the guitar emits a low a hum, but when you switch the toggle to the downward position, it buzzles and makes no sound at all.

Anyone know what might the problem be? And if you do, could you help point me in the direction of fixing it? Whether it means fixing it myself or going to a guitar shop.

Hmm, any tutorial online on how I should go about fixing it? Or atleast determining the problem?
Take off the back plastic plate and expose the electronics inside, and look for any wires hanging out doing nothing inside there. It'd be best to take it to a shop if you don't know what you're doing, but if the guitar worked before and now it doesn't, most likely a wire came loose.
this just happened to my guitar a month ago. It turned out it was a pickuo selector switch. It is normal for them to wear out. Just buy a new switch and solder it in. My switch was only 8 bucks.
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