You sound awesome on this track. The recording is really polished, really professional except for a few fairly minor sloppy moments.

As for the actual song itself, I loved it. Your sound is very developed and quite unique. I was kind of surprised when I saw you were still in high school. The slowdown around 1:15-1:20 was kind of abrupt, but beyond that there is really little to find fault with.

Anyway, thanks for the crit. Rock on.
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Ummmm.. you forgot to mention the bluegrass influence.. its definitely there in some of the leads .
Very nice transition at around 1:30, very professional.
Seriously, everything is top notch with this track. It's a very well written song, musically very "sophisticated", gives no indication you are in high school.

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Check it out
Really nice. Your tone is superb. All the different parts are perfect, I love the way it builds up. And when it slows down it's just right. Can't wait to listen to this on a computer with real speakers rather than this crappy laptop.
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Wow, I could tell from the first few seconds this was going to be a lot different and better then anything else i've heard. Great tone, awesome playing. I could definitly see this being on a solo record of some sort. keep it up, man.

Wow, I just realized you're younger then I am. I'd never imagine a 15 year old would be able to play that way.
^ i made the same discovery. (although i'm only 17)/ damn that kid has skills.
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This is great, I love that first riff, although it clashes harmony-wise with the other part. Still great. The slow part cam a little to abruptly but it was good.... but I just love that riff. It's awesome. Great tone as well. Good soloing as well. This is so great I might even download it!

Thanks for the crit
Hey. Thanks for critting mine. This is really cool. I love the funkiness of it and the two guitar thing works really well. Where'd you get the drums. I really like the slow bluesy part in the first song (Man I wish I had a strat - played one at guitar center yesterday and it sounded awesome for snow by rhcp and blues). The second song sounds good, too. Have you thought of adding vocals to your music? All my songs were instrumental for a while, too, but then I added vocals and I think it helped a little. Great job, though. I'll be looking for some new stuff soon. Keep it up and thanks for the crit!
Very good stuff, descent is amazing it sounds like something you would listen to late at night while driving home. I wish is was like 4 minutes longer but it'll do the same if i put it on repeat. Like everyone else says I also can't believe your only 15 because you sound so smooth and fresh. Glad to hear something not metal or whats on the radio, keep up the good work
to gunsnroses - the drums are all samples from fruityloops, with some room reverb added. sometimes i take off some of the attack on the samples, to soften up the sound a little. and yes, ive considered adding some vocals to my stuff, but at the moment, that is much, much easier said than done.
thanks to everyone for all the great feedback
i would have liked to hear a bit more of a transition into the slower part on resistance chase
other than that, like someone already mentioned, i didnt really hear any bass, which would have been nice

but pretty phenomenal overall
I really like the intro solo, but (just my opinion) you might want to look into a different ending, I felt like it could've been done a little better. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you what to do hehe

The part where you slow down is also awesome, your song is a trip
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Thanks for the crit. The rythem guitar has a nice tone and sounds good. I also like the way the lead goes with the diferent solos throughout. It ends kinda all of a sudden but its your song not mine.
I love the tone man, definitly a strat on there haha. Your lead work though seems like you arent sure on what you're going to do with the phrase you're in the middle of. I did like when you slowed it all down around 1:20, but your vibrato sounded really nervous.

Definitely a nice arrangement, sort of gave me a John Mayer Trio/Santana vibe. Just work on your lead playing and everything'll be all set.

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Wow. Really nice stuff man.. I truly love the first one. You're right, its got aspects of several genres.. jazz and all that jazz, a bit of funk in the beggining riffs of The Resistance Chase.
The second one is really nice and smooth.. just breaching on the point of a street parade, but in a soft and mellow tone.

reading what mercedes said, he's right, i'm definately getting a santana vibe from some of the guitar work in the first song. I also really like your choice of chords and note placement. It all seems to come together at a climax, then stops, then starts again.

Great stuff, keep up the good work, and thanks for the crit on mine .
i like that riff around 33 seconds in =) is that banjo? this is a really cool idea very unique! it's great to hear some originall stuff i like the the slow waltz break at 130 ish this would be really cool to dancing to.

do you think it could eb arraged for vox? xause that would really rule!

o and ty for telling em to put on the link to my song lol

this is hot, usually when i have to crit people back its a drag but this is really something. the song arranging is really nice. from the funky opening riff the more major feeling guitar leads then kind of a jazzy breakdown. I assume you recorded the drums with a machine. They sound good under those circumstances but i think itd be cooler with a normal funk beat rather than the dance thing going on. But it gives the song originality so its cool. Also i think the bass would be clearer if it was EQed differently

really cool dud
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Man. this is it. amazing. everything is perfect. I also like how in your About Me you have "i play guitar, and you can probably play better/faster than me, or whatever. i just like to create my own brand of music." I feel this way all the time. I've been playing guitar for 12 years, and i'm 15. When people ask how long i've been playing, they come back and say how much better they are. If better is playing intense solos without knowing at all, in theory, what they're doing, then by george, they are better. But your stuff is Gold. I think for someone in high school to take time and learn a jazzy type of guitar and not over-the-top rock or death metal is really special. When you take that extra step, you not only can play the guitar, but you know the guitar. Kudos on some nice tunes.

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Holy crap man :O Only 30 seconds in and I'm amazed! it was a little weird changing to a waltz half way through
Good riffage! I really love how you're doing all those jazzy chords. Nice clean and disto tone.
The whole song has got an awesome vibe to it. The disto solo in the beginning is simple yet catchy. I like how you made use of percussion, breaks and drums, good job! In terms of production, it couldn't be much better.


crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=549700
I listened to the resistance chase, really enjoyed it. Don't know what else to say.
Nice dude

Not realy my style but realy great stuff, the playing is great
Everythings sweet except that i would try to tweak the reverb. Try to get the sound slightly closer , it will give more proffesional sound.
Whoa. I like this man, I loved that effect at the beginning. I like the progression. Everything seems to be flowing. There are definitely no mistakes in your playing, none that i hear so far. Man, I love the upbeatness of this man. great stuff. The only thing I dont like is the tone on your soloing guitar. to thin for me. Whoa, slowness. I like this now. Yea man, IF you fatten up the solo's tone, i think it would fit way much more, add a little more bass, and mids, to the solo that is. But yeah, great stuff. maybe a little more reverb/delay too. but the playing is great, very cool stuff man. Its your own man, good. thanks for the crit on my stuff.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
thanks for the feedback man, im glad you enjoyed it!

the guitar tone in this is amazing man. the build up is very cool and i love how it just slows down into that bluesy part. It keeps the whole thing interesting and it doesn't lose your attention.

great job dude
Yeah man, this is tha funky shit!

I like this, it's funky, summery, light and upbeat. I could drink coctails to this stuff all day long!

Mattxshank is right too, it's so refreshing hearing people play stuff like this

Unfortunately I could only listen up to 51 seconds cos of my dumb pc, but I'll come back later and download the whole thing, it's just great

Keep up the good work, sorry I could be more constructive I haven't really got the knowledge of how you could improve y'know?
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I really love your stuff. You're a great musician. Such a catchy rift and beat. I think you could fit some good vocals in them. I don't really have suggestions...I think you have everything down great.
Man, you make great music. I'm supposed to critique this? There's nothing constructive I can say. I loved it. You have the mind for this, that's for sure. It's awesome to see a kid my age who can come up with licks like that.

How long does it take you to come up with something like that?
This is amazing man. You need to put more music up. I really enjoy listening to this... It has a real good feeling from the start. The playing, the style, the sound, everything love it.
Your stuff is amazing, all strats. I like the funk, jazz, rock mix. It sounds fresh and holds your interest. And your playing is amazing. Keep this Up.


P.S. Thanks for the crit!
That was really good! I found myself bopping in my chair as I was listening . It was upbeat and fresh, and I really liked it. There's nothing I can really say, other than that
wow! Amazing! Your guitar playing is great. I really dont hear anything wrong with this song at all, it flows together majestically and never ceases being great! I really like the sound of your guitar, what equipment are you packing?

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i'm quite the incompetent who plays the wrong notes on purpose on guitar so this stuff amazes me. i bought a book on jazz which i barely understand and a book on the blues which i halfassed my way halfway through it. anyways, what i'm saying is good job on knowing your stuff, this is some good music. i can't believe how dancey and funk sounding this is, it's great. good job.

i listened to descend as well, it's like finally finding that lost radio station in the middle of the night. i do sift through the dials for this stuff, too bad i can't play any of it. on first listen it seemed kinda short though, i had the whole head swinging and the mouth open kinda thing and it just stopped. but it has a good vibe and was pretty tasteful i thought.