i thought that was pretty cool. good job
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this is really pretty cool. obviously recording quality isnt great, but im very much enjoying the content. i hear a lot of hendrix in your playing, good stuff. the vocals seem to be distorting a lot, ill assume thats intentional, but either way its a good touch, for me anyways. one part around 3:10 sounds offtime, but whatever. id love to see this played live.
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This is very very good. I like the format of the song, the way it progresses and flows, etc. Its just a really well written song. I like your lead playing, like allstrats said it reminds of Hendrix, especially the first leads you play where it sounds like the sky is gonna fall cause of that guitar. I wish the vocals had a bit more presence at times. I like how they were recorded and mixed, but at times it sounds like they don't have enough kick compared to the rest.

Step into the Sun is also real good. Sometimes the cymbals are just a tad too overpowering or distorted. I really like the solos, especially the first one, its just badass!

Both of them are great, but Eye of the Storm is a killer in my opinion. Great work with it.
What gear do you use?

By the way, since you mentioned AMM, I've heard about them but never heard them, Ive looked everywhere but cant find their stuff anywhere. Do you just have a vinyl or cd?
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Thanks for the crits. If I missed you, send me a message.

I wasn't sure where to reply, but al - If you're willing to shell out $22.00 (it's worth it!), AMMusic is on sale here on Amazon.

Also, thanks for the great crit. I feel badly now, because mine was so brief and I usually try to put something substantial in my crits.

And this was all recorded with very shitty stuff. The guitar is a Squier Bullet I got used for $50, the amp is a 25 watt practice amp (which has surprisingly nice tone to it, I was happy when I found this out!), and the drums are the drum settings on my keyboard (which is actually quite nice). The bass is the same guitar, tuned down 2 steps (B#). No effects, no frills. I'm very proud of myself for this.

And I'm no singer, so the vocals aren't exactly top-shelf. Life goes on, I guess.
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Damn man... thats awesome tone you get out of those.

You definitely get a star for that
If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is - Infinite.

^^ some sort of strange new slimey brew, its a psychedelic mess.
Check it out
at the begining some of the chord changes are a little slow(there sounds like theres rest in between), when the drums come in the timing is a little off. after that it sounds good. the vocals have bad recording quality, they sound that they would be good live. i like the main idea of the song, and it sounds good for most of it. try to get a better mic. for the vocals.

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i liked the tone... im about to buy me that setup... lol... but i like the content... timing i think was slightly off in some spots... but i like the hendrix feel to it... great riffs and solo bits.... vocals werent too bad.. the main problem i had was the quality of recording... but overall i like it 8.5/10

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i dont like the distortion tone much, and th sound quality isn't great, you should turn the levels down because it distorts a lot, especially on the drums, but on the other other stuff as well. You should really get that sorted, it ruins it a bit.

Musically its pretty cool though, riffs, solo, vocals. The harmonica suits the song great.

Thanks for the crit.
This is cool. It is like really heavy classic rock mixed with blues. I liked it a lot. It's a little sloppy and distorted, but I think it gives it a more vintage/live-recorded feel. Great job. The vocals are really trippy sounding, too. They sound kind of like Jimi Hendrix except with tons of effects. I can't understand the lyrics very well because of the effect thing, though. What kind of a mic do you use. I think that if you used a different one it might sound clearer. It's a cool song, though. Good job. Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=547373